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Weighing packing machine

Model: ZB-WH2
Capacity: 5-10bags/min
Counting quantity: Can be adjusted
Bag size: Width: Maximum 250mm, Length:50-400mm 
Voltage: 220V/50-60HZ
Total power: 3.5KW
Packaging material : Plastic film
Dimension: 4050*1050*2900mm

         ● Fasteners: screw, bolt, nut, washer, rivets, nails etc.
         ● Plastic/Rubber Parts: wall anchor, rubber o-rings, toys, lego building bricks, small plastic parts.
         ● Hardware Parts: hardware components, hardware connectors, metal parts etc.
         ● Furniture Accessories: furniture connectors, furniture fasteners, furniture fittings, furniture accessories, door handle, hinge etc.
         ● Others: small hardware or plastic parts, regular shape or irregular shape of parts.

       ● The vibratory bowl and precise weighing control system are customized according to the parts. Ensure the precision quantity of each bags.  
       ● Mitsubishi PLC control, and there is English touchable human-machine operation interface, it is easy to operate. High degree of automation.
       ● Stainless steel structure, it is only necessary to set the needed parameters at the display screen ,the control system can automatically optimize and match with the actions, realizing the optimal packing speed.

       ●  Control by intelligent temperature controller, which guarantee that the sealing has good appearance and flatness.

       ● ZHONGBAI advanced programmable control system, ensure the machine running stable and reliable with easy operation.
       ● Machine equip with safety protection device for each dangerous parts, ensure the safety operation.
       ● Parts weighing, bag making, filling, sealing, and bags counting can be done automatically.